Ray Of Hope

Faith is a marvel yet no human life is excluded from it. Man is a mere traveller ; the wanderer borne on the breast of swift flowing river would console himself with philosophical reflections of numerous meetings and partings in the world.

‘Happy Anniversary, my beloved wife’, the card read. Ryan wrote a message and finally sealed the card in an envelope. He had a smile on his face as he walked to the bathroom to shower. He wore his favorite shirt that Jamie had gifted him. Thinking about Jamie creased his lips.

He started reminiscing their first meet. It was a friend’s wedding ceremony. Ryan never was a sociable party animal. He usually avoided social gatherings. He was not someone who would initiate a conversation. So he was standing alone in the corner of the hall when he heard a chirping voice. His eyes instantly caught sight of a beautiful girl; a girl with an angelic frame magnificent like someone stepped out of the fairy tale. She had big almond shaped eyes, a stunning smile that never left her radiant face. She was enveloped with a scintillating black dress. His heart skipped a beat. “She is ravishing beautiful,” he mumbled to himself.

Ryan snapped out of his dream and grabbed his breakfast downstairs. He traversed to his dreamland again. That night he mustered up courage to talk to the girl who had the potent to take it to a million heights or crumble it into million pieces. When he conversed with her he discovered her to be annoyingly beautiful yet interesting person. Jamie and Ryan started meeting each other frequently and he was head over heels in love with her. Jamie had the aura of honesty as a child, the energy of a teenager and the maturity of an adult. Those moments added a new charm, a new aura to his life. Ryan’s parents instantly adored his choice and after a year of courtship they were married with the decision to ride the longest ride with each other.

‘Stop dreaming Ryan. Jamie must be waiting for you. It’s your second year anniversary and you are behaving like you just met her yesterday’ he muttered. He took the car keys and drove down the streets. He bought some orchids thinking Jamie would love them. Ryan finally arrived at the place and parking his car strolled into the building. He pushed open the door and his eyes fell on the most beautiful person in the room. She looked resplendent. Jamie was lying on drab bed with her eyes shut. There was a nurse standing by the side of her bed and attending to her. The room was surrounded by the monitors. The monitors to measure her heart-beat, her breathing rate. Several wires were connected to different part of Jamie’s body. Ryan sat beside her and placed the flowers on the table. He kissed her knuckles and started reading the message he had inscribed to her.

“Dear Jamie.

Happy Anniversary. You are the most beautiful person I have come across my life and you will always be the most beautiful for me. When I met you, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. As the days pass, I can’t help but fall in love with you more and more. Without you my love, my life would be incomplete. Thank you for completing me. I would always you till the end of time.”

He closed the card and moved his hand to wipe a tear that trickled down his face. The nurse went out of the room sobbing. Ryan knew Jamie would not respond but he knew Jamie could hear his heartbeats and listen to his voice.

Jamie was in coma for past two months. Ryan used to come and meet her every day. A doctor came to the room and said, “Sir I guess you should leave the patient alone. It’s not safe for her to have visitors.” Ryan kissed her forehead and left the room with a glance to her beautiful face.

Ryan could hear people murmuring outside the room.

“She would never wake up yet he still has a hope lurking in some corner of his heart. I feel pity for the guy…” Ryan went to them and said, “Our love has coursed through the rise and fall of the situations. I know it would continue to carry us through the future. It’s not always about staying together. Jamie and I are meant to have our longest ride together,” saying the melancholy yet light of in his heart Ryan left the place with a smile.